Friday, June 27, 2008

PMS: [P]ost-exams [M]entality [S]yndrome.. .. ..

yea, PMS..girls/ladies, you peeps are not alone anymore..bobbyhoo feels it too..

well..i feel so, so, SOOO drained right now..all thanks to my paper like what? yesterday?! well, stupiak paper la..careless mistakes, instances where i leave the exam-room saying, "OH YA HOR?!!"!!

since im chilling in front of the comp now..and im all *ready* to blog on "something" as if it seems i NEED something to be up in my page..but..

..i have no idea what to put up there..i have done nothing the last few days except study like lifeless-fanatics..aizz..sometimes i wonder what the hell am i doing now..studying and stuff..

oh well, perhaps i should just call it a day..oh! saw few pics that may seem interesting enough for some of you peeps out there..

~hmmm..Jason, if you reading this..please, don't do this ok? =p~

~somethings are just *SO* ironic..yea, talk bout stabbing one's back eh?~

~somehow, this is my favorite.."stupidity"? nah, more like idiocy to me..a time when ppl would say..DUH!!~

bobbyhoo..signing.. .. .. .. ..


JenKin Yat said...

LOLLLL..i like the backward b called d..LOLLLL

bobby~hoo said...

i was bored yat..u knw la, after dta comm..theres oni "this" much u can do..still wryin over my f*cked up instrumentation..aizz..oh i hope dat friendship pic doesnt happen to u..LOL!!

J@s0n said...

LoL...tetiba my name came out in the picture...i like the friendship not find a day we take the same friendship picture.hahahh