Friday, July 18, 2008

Hennessy Press Conference '08!

and this was in none other than, KL Hilton Hotel..5 start rated hotel, which bobbyhoo sangat suka!!

~KL Hilton Hotel's Ballroom; love the place man!~

ok ok...bac to the conference..which i mentioned yday (sry to those who envied me..kakaka!)..

honestly speaking, its my first time i've been to a press conference, so literally i was excited la..ok ok, abit like 'Jakun' nw..LOL!

first and foremost, introducing the man of the event..Flo Rida!!

~Flo Rida "Low"-ed by 2 gorgeous Hennessy ambasadors!~

after the introduction of all the artist (will show later..) the chief head of Hennessy and his managing director(s)..gave a small speech, but frankly speaking..all the press were mainly looking at out man; Flo Rida!

here are the other pics of the artist present at the conference..

~Machi; taiwanese hip-hop grp..oooo, who can deny dat d gurl in this band aint hot??LOL!~

~DJ Latin Prince; the DJ that rocked most hip-hop stars across the world! n bobbyhoo caught him up-close, enjoyin his Hennessy!~

~Pop Shuvit; local hip-hop band, answering questions during the press..~

~big stars having a toast of their "Beloved" Hennessy!~

~8TV host (4got the man's name tho..keke!) n Belinda, with world re-known cocktail specialist, Sam Jeveons..toasting!~

~let bobbyhoo introduce to u..Hennessy KL; a brand new cocktail, brought about by Sam Jeveons!~

~Sam n bobbyhoo; toasting the pride of Hennessy! LOL!~

~(l->r)Jason, Jamie, Nicholas, Yat, Randy n Kelvin; mesmerized by..i honestly duno either..kekeke!~

~kelvin n jason; 2 blur-case photographers caught in action (well, yea..'action'..LOL!)..~

~Hennessy ambasadors! errmm, anyone sizzling now??~

~manage to catch this pic, well..they were all free mind you...err, bobbyhoo did mention dat free-booze was given in dis conference right?? NO? ok, my all missed it den..~

~bobbyhoo took dis..and he is loving this picture ALOT! "Hennessy Artistry; The Global Art of Mixing" backdrop, Hennessy V.S.O.P, and Hennessy KL cocktail!~

anyways, thats bout all for the Hennessy Conference..before i get moving, antoher reminder guys, PARTY TIME tmr! @ Bkt. Kiara Equestrian Park..its Hennessy Artistry '08..where all the above artist will be performing their best acts! will update you in a few days stay tuned aite folks??

oh, special thx to Nuffnang and Yat, or else..this post wouldnt even be up ere..kakaka!

not only bobbyhoo's writing bout, check out these juicy pages too: Yat, Kelvin, Jason Lee, Jason Ooi, Jamie n Fuzz!

before i leave, let me show you all something i got today..jus for goin for this press conference, i got.. .. ..

~2 CDs; Flo Rida's original CD "Mail on Sunday" n Machi's CD featuring Jeff!~

and last but not least, the item that would make most people who dont have it..drool.. ..LOL!

~VIP passes to tmr's Hennessy Artistry '08 Event @ Bkt. Kiara..woohoo!!!~

before all of you come running at me with base-ball bats n parangs...

..bobbyhoo..signing.. .. .. .. ..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hennessy Artistry 2008 !!!

i knw im suppose to continue from my last blog..bout the infamous hand of mine n wats on it..BUT i've got BIGGER news!

to those who dont knw what this is all about..check this pic out!

yep, to those who recognize the person in the middle..BOBBYHOO's meeting him! bobbyhoo will be attending this event, special thanks to Yat for the passes! i cant wait for!!

ok, for those who don't know..its Flo-Rida, the guy who featured T-Pain in the famous chart-topping song "Low" (Step Up 2 OST)!

well, actually there has been few other Hennessy Artistry across the nation this year, to name few; Hennessy @Velvet-KL, Hennessy @QEII- Penang and Hennessy @Aloha-KL(Link 1, 2 n 3). [Yat, you owe me the links i place up here!LOOL!]

in all the above events, they had their share of other artist appearing..BUT this time we have..

~our very own local band performing big-time!kudos dudes!~

~honestly, i hav never heard of them b4, but my "sources" tell me they're a taiwanese hip-hop grp..nvm, as long they are good!~

~1 real famous nightlife guy whos known to most events n festivals cross malaysia!~

~an international DJ, who even had his mix collaborated with 50 cent!~

as for the event outcome, you've got to come back to my blog to actually find out how the outcome is..LOL!

before i sign out, gonna make you guys EVEN MORE jealous, thx to NUFFNANG, i've got what we can call it a VIP pass into the event location, meaning free-flow of booze..all night rite?? AND before you start yelling at 'rub it in even more'..tmr, i'll b heading to Hilton Hotel for a press conference by Flo-Rida himself! yep, you guessed it right; MEDIA passes! oops, did i jus mention something wrong?? bobbyhoo's bad then..LOOL!

..till after the event..
bobbyhoo..signing.. .. .. .. ..

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Paddington House of Pancakes.. ..

ok..the name says it all. technically, served WITH a pancake! appetizer, main course, ala carte, deserts..yea, its with a pancake; it all depends on what size or type the pancake is..LOL!

well, the gathering was for a close friend leaving for Aussie to continue her studies (guess it was food science n nutrition ah?kekeke!) n we decided to go to Mid-Valley's Paddington House of Pancakes (PHoP..duh! too long to write/type!)..

anyways, this post it just pics of "some" of the food i found interesting there..

~well, i hav no idea right nw what it's full name is..but its one of the "Dollar Pancakes" category..LOL!~

~this dish is the most delicious salmon-based food ever, bobbyhoo has tasted..fullname, not sure..(noticed the pancake on d right side, even in such a dish!)~

~introducing, "Pancake Burger"! something u technically DONT find in ur nearby RAMLI burger stall or any fast food chain outlets..oh, to add..the pic actually shows, fish fillet on d top stack, PLUS chicken slice on d lower stack!~

~correct me if im wrong, but this i dink is the belgian delight; pancake at the bottow..filled with steak, baked beans, egg n cheese bits..i dink..~

~desert; as i told you, pancake with ice-cream, whipped cream with red-berry paste together with a mini-jar of cinnamon sauce (didnt get that..)~

~managed to grab this pic from d net, nt bad..the history of how PHoP came about, more less the same way how Newton came up with gravity, aint 'lady luck' bobbyhoo says..its PREPOSTEROUS COINCIDENCE!~

yep, that was all the pretty nice food served there..ok..i knw, a whole group going there..why so less food right??honestly, i ate my 'share' till i 4got to take the others, and by the time i was a clean plate to taken!

~this was d group that when there..the girl in purple(3rd from right), the person leaving abroad..sob sob!~

so, thats bout all i hav on this blogpost..again, its on food eh?well, bobbyhoo jus loves food..kakaka! as for my next post..its goin to be on something which most of you hav never seen!

wanna find out what actually is it? ok, some of you may knw d, but trust me..wait till you see d few pics after this..LOOL!!

bobbyhoo..signing.. .. .. .. ..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Family Outing @ KTZ, SS2!!

now now, it seems im like WAY late on postings..sooo..bobbyhoo continuing..

this outing took place a day after the "dinner with my CCS gang with an accident happening before"..(which is GOOD!) was a sat evening when both my mum n i were lazy to cook la (YES PEOPLE! bobbyhoo cooks!) we were like, darn..mana makan dis time?well, thx to the minor addiction i gave my mum when i brought her to KTZ the last time to makan "Loh" (ice-kacang; without the kacang but with fruits!)..we decided to go back there, this time to makan DINNER there! LOL! will show you the pics of the FOOD they serve for dinner (especially essential for those ppl who ONLY go there makan "Fruits-Loh" and nothing else!)

~this was my meal; guess it was chicken chop rice..i think..LOL!nt bad u know, the chicken was ok n quite big..rice was normal-size..~

~ooo..this was like kinda nice, i mean..its "mini-crabs"..but wait till you see what is under it..~

~guess it was pure fish-paste in it..hey i mean, it was kinda nice eating, unlike those u find in dimsum shop luu..kakaka!~

~while waiting for the rest of our dishes, guess i couldnt help mum gave up looking at the camera tho..~

~my bros n sis meal; just like any other porridge u find outside..~

~ok, call me 4getful..but this dish was like a favorite of mine, but..i completely forgotten its name..well, its like some 'meat-ball' stuff with egg..fried to perfection i shld say??~

~after main course, awaiting deserts..~

~this was MY desert, it was "tang-yuan" i guess..but the 'internal contents' were..~

~ok, i dunno whether u can see it clearly or nt, but it MAY look real gross; black 'fluids' spilling out..BUT, uuhumm! it was good, suppose to share with every1, but no1 wanted it after seeing the knw what happened..LOL!~

~YES YES, whats the point of GOING all the way to SS2 KTZ, n not taking their main desert??we were way too 'shared'! [red-bean, kiwi, mango;sort it out urself..]~

~my bro enjoying himself; did i say enjoying?maybe the more appropriate word is "amusing himself" on the table..HAHA!~

well, thats bout all for this otuing trip with me family..guess you got to wait jus kinda like 1-2 days for my next post, MIND YOU..its goin to b kinda cool(its bout food again tho..)! this is what i will be talkin bout next time, so get back to MY blog next-time!

~nice to see, nice to daze..once you are in there, money sure gone! [ok ok, but its all worth me!]

bobbyhoo..signing.. .. .. .. ..

Sunday, July 6, 2008

a joyfull dinner turned tensed.. .. ..

yea..and it includes having dinner at d crab restaurant i recommended only a few weeks back..sighzz..

it was last last friday(the last few days of june) evening..i was suppose to meet up with the CCS (chinese cultural society) gang there to have dinner at d spot in puchong to try out the crab..was driving along the bkt. jalil-puchong road till i saw a familiar sight.. friend's car with a white perodua viva!

at first i was like, ngam?car break-down also i i parked my car n moved forward towards..n i saw..(sry, no pics..pity..) Jek's bonnet dent quite badly! i was like..wat f*ck??

ok..bac to the victim, some malay lady who got so panic-ky at some point i think she was over-doing it..nvm, so..her car turned out to hav oni this..

~rmr this car-plate peeps..giv her my "greetings" the next time you see it..thx!~

yea..u'd be wondering..huh??! got anyting meh?? yes guys..there was a dent..but of real minimal damage..(you all sure know the theory of car A hit car B, car A suffers more rite?) so was so small..but..

..our malay "fren" panicked till she wanted to make police report! OH CRYING OUT LOUD..she was making a "scene" at the side of the highway i tell you!

well d best part was..another friend of ours traveling in a convoy-style with Jek came into the scene, and..was "lectured"; YES! lectured by the lady who knew NOTHING about the car system (she mentioned that there was a possibility that the engine would be hurt from the yea..LOL!) about the damage Jek done to her car, and how the payment system works and..well, she went on for ages till she raised her voice so loud and 'meaningless' that.. friend nearly raised his hand on her.. .. .. .. ..yep! you heard it right..hes the kinda guy that was brought up from violence as 1 could say, so yea..he just could take it already...

i went in just in time to hold him back (oh, did i mention i got hit by him for being in his way?) and settled it with the woman..close call peeps, she was on the verge of calling the police for harressment i did what i thought was right..did a more "man-ly" manner of speaking with her..spoke for like half an hr plus till she finally came in for..


if not for my upbringing..i would have done the same as that fren of mine..i mean, WTF man? u know nuts bout the car, you asking a BULLSHIT price! i said no..spoke to her, bargained..gave in few times..till i manage to get it paid to her at rm150 bucks (guys, did i ask correctly? too much? to less?)..addition to that, gave a name for that moment was "Jason Hu", and my number as "016-6870333" yea guys..this info is FAKE! she took it..told me i was more "civilised" than my friend..that was where i cabut-ed as fast as possible..ladies n gents, END OF THE F*CKED STORY!

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. nicer part of the story..we went to the crab restaurant..ate "so so-ly"..tried to be cheerful there, with d tensed atmosphere..aizz..what a way to enjoy! kinda of sien nw blogging bout that are some pics..

~xue ying enjoys bits of the crab, peeling out slowly..n slowly..~

~if you didnt knw, thats the hammer Jonine's using..she made loads of crab-shell bits flying everywhere..hmmm..~

~well, (Wei Wei)you dont need me to tell you how nice the crab was right?~

~for every1's info..Yih Phing was trying to break the shell for like 5+ minutes..JUST the claw~

well, thats all for this post..wait a few days time peeps..wil update again.."promise"..kakaka!
bobbyhoo..signing.. .. .. .. ..

Friday, June 27, 2008

PMS: [P]ost-exams [M]entality [S]yndrome.. .. ..

yea, PMS..girls/ladies, you peeps are not alone anymore..bobbyhoo feels it too..

well..i feel so, so, SOOO drained right now..all thanks to my paper like what? yesterday?! well, stupiak paper la..careless mistakes, instances where i leave the exam-room saying, "OH YA HOR?!!"!!

since im chilling in front of the comp now..and im all *ready* to blog on "something" as if it seems i NEED something to be up in my page..but..

..i have no idea what to put up there..i have done nothing the last few days except study like lifeless-fanatics..aizz..sometimes i wonder what the hell am i doing now..studying and stuff..

oh well, perhaps i should just call it a day..oh! saw few pics that may seem interesting enough for some of you peeps out there..

~hmmm..Jason, if you reading this..please, don't do this ok? =p~

~somethings are just *SO* ironic..yea, talk bout stabbing one's back eh?~

~somehow, this is my favorite.."stupidity"? nah, more like idiocy to me..a time when ppl would say..DUH!!~

bobbyhoo..signing.. .. .. .. ..