Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hennessy Artistry 2008 !!!

i knw im suppose to continue from my last blog..bout the infamous hand of mine n wats on it..BUT i've got BIGGER news!

to those who dont knw what this is all about..check this pic out!

yep, to those who recognize the person in the middle..BOBBYHOO's meeting him! bobbyhoo will be attending this event, special thanks to Yat for the passes! i cant wait for!!

ok, for those who don't know..its Flo-Rida, the guy who featured T-Pain in the famous chart-topping song "Low" (Step Up 2 OST)!

well, actually there has been few other Hennessy Artistry across the nation this year, to name few; Hennessy @Velvet-KL, Hennessy @QEII- Penang and Hennessy @Aloha-KL(Link 1, 2 n 3). [Yat, you owe me the links i place up here!LOOL!]

in all the above events, they had their share of other artist appearing..BUT this time we have..

~our very own local band performing big-time!kudos dudes!~

~honestly, i hav never heard of them b4, but my "sources" tell me they're a taiwanese hip-hop grp..nvm, as long they are good!~

~1 real famous nightlife guy whos known to most events n festivals cross malaysia!~

~an international DJ, who even had his mix collaborated with 50 cent!~

as for the event outcome, you've got to come back to my blog to actually find out how the outcome is..LOL!

before i sign out, gonna make you guys EVEN MORE jealous, thx to NUFFNANG, i've got what we can call it a VIP pass into the event location, meaning free-flow of booze..all night rite?? AND before you start yelling at 'rub it in even more'..tmr, i'll b heading to Hilton Hotel for a press conference by Flo-Rida himself! yep, you guessed it right; MEDIA passes! oops, did i jus mention something wrong?? bobbyhoo's bad then..LOOL!

..till after the event..
bobbyhoo..signing.. .. .. .. ..


JenKin Yat said...

hahahaha good one!!!

aLvIN said...

sigh... purposely show off here.. n don wan me to go.... maybe camp not goin d... i will slot myself into some other places... booby is enjoyin n left me alone there.. T.T

bobby~hoo said...

dun la like dat alvin..nt i dun wan bring u go, reli no passes jor d..

..besides, i hav to post dis up cos its necessary for those 'nuffnang'-ers who gt d passes to write sumting about it, a pre-event talk on d it..

..wth man, if u pull out..jus for ur info, 3 ppl pulled out from d camp last minute..jus like yea, u wan also??dat'll make 4..