Sunday, July 6, 2008

a joyfull dinner turned tensed.. .. ..

yea..and it includes having dinner at d crab restaurant i recommended only a few weeks back..sighzz..

it was last last friday(the last few days of june) evening..i was suppose to meet up with the CCS (chinese cultural society) gang there to have dinner at d spot in puchong to try out the crab..was driving along the bkt. jalil-puchong road till i saw a familiar sight.. friend's car with a white perodua viva!

at first i was like, ngam?car break-down also i i parked my car n moved forward towards..n i saw..(sry, no pics..pity..) Jek's bonnet dent quite badly! i was like..wat f*ck??

ok..bac to the victim, some malay lady who got so panic-ky at some point i think she was over-doing it..nvm, so..her car turned out to hav oni this..

~rmr this car-plate peeps..giv her my "greetings" the next time you see it..thx!~

yea..u'd be wondering..huh??! got anyting meh?? yes guys..there was a dent..but of real minimal damage..(you all sure know the theory of car A hit car B, car A suffers more rite?) so was so small..but..

..our malay "fren" panicked till she wanted to make police report! OH CRYING OUT LOUD..she was making a "scene" at the side of the highway i tell you!

well d best part was..another friend of ours traveling in a convoy-style with Jek came into the scene, and..was "lectured"; YES! lectured by the lady who knew NOTHING about the car system (she mentioned that there was a possibility that the engine would be hurt from the yea..LOL!) about the damage Jek done to her car, and how the payment system works and..well, she went on for ages till she raised her voice so loud and 'meaningless' that.. friend nearly raised his hand on her.. .. .. .. ..yep! you heard it right..hes the kinda guy that was brought up from violence as 1 could say, so yea..he just could take it already...

i went in just in time to hold him back (oh, did i mention i got hit by him for being in his way?) and settled it with the woman..close call peeps, she was on the verge of calling the police for harressment i did what i thought was right..did a more "man-ly" manner of speaking with her..spoke for like half an hr plus till she finally came in for..


if not for my upbringing..i would have done the same as that fren of mine..i mean, WTF man? u know nuts bout the car, you asking a BULLSHIT price! i said no..spoke to her, bargained..gave in few times..till i manage to get it paid to her at rm150 bucks (guys, did i ask correctly? too much? to less?)..addition to that, gave a name for that moment was "Jason Hu", and my number as "016-6870333" yea guys..this info is FAKE! she took it..told me i was more "civilised" than my friend..that was where i cabut-ed as fast as possible..ladies n gents, END OF THE F*CKED STORY!

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. nicer part of the story..we went to the crab restaurant..ate "so so-ly"..tried to be cheerful there, with d tensed atmosphere..aizz..what a way to enjoy! kinda of sien nw blogging bout that are some pics..

~xue ying enjoys bits of the crab, peeling out slowly..n slowly..~

~if you didnt knw, thats the hammer Jonine's using..she made loads of crab-shell bits flying everywhere..hmmm..~

~well, (Wei Wei)you dont need me to tell you how nice the crab was right?~

~for every1's info..Yih Phing was trying to break the shell for like 5+ minutes..JUST the claw~

well, thats all for this post..wait a few days time peeps..wil update again.."promise"..kakaka!
bobbyhoo..signing.. .. .. .. ..


J@s0n said...

Jason Hu!!!wtf~!why from out of no where u tot of the word J.A.S.O.N????why not K.E.L.V.I.N??why not Y.A.T???why not E.D.I.S.O.N??lol...wen anything about cars, u think of me ar??lol...

JenKin Yat said...

hhahahaha jason!!!

bobby~hoo said...

dis is how much i miss you, jason..b hapi bout it..summore include sirname that is close-to-my-real-sirname word...hahaha...

...but honestly...i duno y also..
edison..sure wont, yat..cos talkin to malay...chinese name nt ez for them to talk wid, too innocent oni..scare ppl take advantage of me...KAKAKAKA!! (hope kelvin doesnt read dis! LOOL!)