Friday, July 18, 2008

Hennessy Press Conference '08!

and this was in none other than, KL Hilton Hotel..5 start rated hotel, which bobbyhoo sangat suka!!

~KL Hilton Hotel's Ballroom; love the place man!~

ok ok...bac to the conference..which i mentioned yday (sry to those who envied me..kakaka!)..

honestly speaking, its my first time i've been to a press conference, so literally i was excited la..ok ok, abit like 'Jakun' nw..LOL!

first and foremost, introducing the man of the event..Flo Rida!!

~Flo Rida "Low"-ed by 2 gorgeous Hennessy ambasadors!~

after the introduction of all the artist (will show later..) the chief head of Hennessy and his managing director(s)..gave a small speech, but frankly speaking..all the press were mainly looking at out man; Flo Rida!

here are the other pics of the artist present at the conference..

~Machi; taiwanese hip-hop grp..oooo, who can deny dat d gurl in this band aint hot??LOL!~

~DJ Latin Prince; the DJ that rocked most hip-hop stars across the world! n bobbyhoo caught him up-close, enjoyin his Hennessy!~

~Pop Shuvit; local hip-hop band, answering questions during the press..~

~big stars having a toast of their "Beloved" Hennessy!~

~8TV host (4got the man's name tho..keke!) n Belinda, with world re-known cocktail specialist, Sam Jeveons..toasting!~

~let bobbyhoo introduce to u..Hennessy KL; a brand new cocktail, brought about by Sam Jeveons!~

~Sam n bobbyhoo; toasting the pride of Hennessy! LOL!~

~(l->r)Jason, Jamie, Nicholas, Yat, Randy n Kelvin; mesmerized by..i honestly duno either..kekeke!~

~kelvin n jason; 2 blur-case photographers caught in action (well, yea..'action'..LOL!)..~

~Hennessy ambasadors! errmm, anyone sizzling now??~

~manage to catch this pic, well..they were all free mind you...err, bobbyhoo did mention dat free-booze was given in dis conference right?? NO? ok, my all missed it den..~

~bobbyhoo took dis..and he is loving this picture ALOT! "Hennessy Artistry; The Global Art of Mixing" backdrop, Hennessy V.S.O.P, and Hennessy KL cocktail!~

anyways, thats bout all for the Hennessy Conference..before i get moving, antoher reminder guys, PARTY TIME tmr! @ Bkt. Kiara Equestrian Park..its Hennessy Artistry '08..where all the above artist will be performing their best acts! will update you in a few days stay tuned aite folks??

oh, special thx to Nuffnang and Yat, or else..this post wouldnt even be up ere..kakaka!

not only bobbyhoo's writing bout, check out these juicy pages too: Yat, Kelvin, Jason Lee, Jason Ooi, Jamie n Fuzz!

before i leave, let me show you all something i got today..jus for goin for this press conference, i got.. .. ..

~2 CDs; Flo Rida's original CD "Mail on Sunday" n Machi's CD featuring Jeff!~

and last but not least, the item that would make most people who dont have it..drool.. ..LOL!

~VIP passes to tmr's Hennessy Artistry '08 Event @ Bkt. Kiara..woohoo!!!~

before all of you come running at me with base-ball bats n parangs...

..bobbyhoo..signing.. .. .. .. ..


CoolerFuzz said...


See you tonight.

Let's get low and crunk crazy.

Do drop by when you feel like you want to attend free parties (beyond Nuffnang invites)


Rebecca said...

you know jason?! o.O

bobby~hoo said...

yep...architecture sch eh?? small world gurl..real small world..LOL!!

c l o u d i i_Y said...

wow... Flo Rida......

Esther Chin said...

since when were you that interested in blogging?

ronel1217 said...

wow great conference isn't it? btw like ur blog its pretty awesome and i cant wait to ur next post


Mr Lonely said...

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