Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Paddington House of Pancakes.. ..

ok..the name says it all. technically, served WITH a pancake! appetizer, main course, ala carte, deserts..yea, its with a pancake; it all depends on what size or type the pancake is..LOL!

well, the gathering was for a close friend leaving for Aussie to continue her studies (guess it was food science n nutrition ah?kekeke!) n we decided to go to Mid-Valley's Paddington House of Pancakes (PHoP..duh! too long to write/type!)..

anyways, this post it just pics of "some" of the food i found interesting there..

~well, i hav no idea right nw what it's full name is..but its one of the "Dollar Pancakes" category..LOL!~

~this dish is the most delicious salmon-based food ever, bobbyhoo has tasted..fullname, not sure..(noticed the pancake on d right side, even in such a dish!)~

~introducing, "Pancake Burger"! something u technically DONT find in ur nearby RAMLI burger stall or any fast food chain outlets..oh, to add..the pic actually shows, fish fillet on d top stack, PLUS chicken slice on d lower stack!~

~correct me if im wrong, but this i dink is the belgian delight; pancake at the bottow..filled with steak, baked beans, egg n cheese bits..i dink..~

~desert; as i told you, pancake with ice-cream, whipped cream with red-berry paste together with a mini-jar of cinnamon sauce (didnt get that..)~

~managed to grab this pic from d net, nt bad..the history of how PHoP came about, more less the same way how Newton came up with gravity, aint 'lady luck' bobbyhoo says..its PREPOSTEROUS COINCIDENCE!~

yep, that was all the pretty nice food served there..ok..i knw, a whole group going there..why so less food right??honestly, i ate my 'share' till i 4got to take the others, and by the time i was a clean plate to taken!

~this was d group that when there..the girl in purple(3rd from right), the person leaving abroad..sob sob!~

so, thats bout all i hav on this blogpost..again, its on food eh?well, bobbyhoo jus loves food..kakaka! as for my next post..its goin to be on something which most of you hav never seen!

wanna find out what actually is it? ok, some of you may knw d, but trust me..wait till you see d few pics after this..LOOL!!

bobbyhoo..signing.. .. .. .. ..

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