Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Family Outing @ KTZ, SS2!!

now now, it seems im like WAY late on postings..sooo..bobbyhoo continuing..

this outing took place a day after the "dinner with my CCS gang with an accident happening before"..(which is GOOD!)

well..it was a sat evening when both my mum n i were lazy to cook la (YES PEOPLE! bobbyhoo cooks!)..so we were like, darn..mana makan dis time?well, thx to the minor addiction i gave my mum when i brought her to KTZ the last time to makan "Loh" (ice-kacang; without the kacang but with fruits!)..we decided to go back there, this time to makan DINNER there! LOL! will show you the pics of the FOOD they serve for dinner (especially essential for those ppl who ONLY go there makan "Fruits-Loh" and nothing else!)

~this was my meal; guess it was chicken chop rice..i think..LOL!nt bad u know, the chicken was ok n quite big..rice was normal-size..~

~ooo..this was like kinda nice, i mean..its "mini-crabs"..but wait till you see what is under it..~

~guess it was pure fish-paste in it..hey i mean, it was kinda nice eating, unlike those u find in dimsum shop luu..kakaka!~

~while waiting for the rest of our dishes, guess i couldnt help cam-whoring..my mum gave up looking at the camera tho..~

~my bros n sis meal; just like any other porridge u find outside..~

~ok, call me 4getful..but this dish was like a favorite of mine, but..i completely forgotten its name..well, its like some 'meat-ball' stuff with egg..fried to perfection i shld say??~

~after main course, awaiting deserts..~

~this was MY desert, it was "tang-yuan" i guess..but the 'internal contents' were..~

~ok, i dunno whether u can see it clearly or nt, but it MAY look real gross; black 'fluids' spilling out..BUT, uuhumm! it was good, suppose to share with every1, but no1 wanted it after seeing the contents..so..you knw what happened..LOL!~

~YES YES, whats the point of GOING all the way to SS2 KTZ, n not taking their main desert??we were way too full..so..we 'shared'! [red-bean, kiwi, mango;sort it out urself..]~

~my bro enjoying himself; did i say enjoying?maybe the more appropriate word is "amusing himself" on the table..HAHA!~

well, thats bout all for this otuing trip with me family..guess you got to wait jus kinda like 1-2 days for my next post, MIND YOU..its goin to b kinda cool(its bout food again tho..)! this is what i will be talkin bout next time, so get back to MY blog next-time!

~nice to see, nice to daze..once you are in there, money sure gone! [ok ok, but its all worth it..trust me!]

bobbyhoo..signing.. .. .. .. ..

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JenKin Yat said...

ktz = kotek......ziung~~~