Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Day of June the 11th, 2008 (Part 3)

jason n kelvin ....................

please stop taunting me on those's bad enough you 2 witnessed it LIVE!!

fine, more pics guys...but this time im putting out few other pictures from that day, before we head to the 'other' Auctioned Humans...and what they did!

...and now we have...

~the organizing committee of the entire "Psyched" theme~

~yep, thats bobbyhoo..doing his "innocent" job as an emcee..........but...~

~first auctioned human; Avin~>drinking a shake of 'choc milk', 'banana', n 'raw egg'~

~second human; Prakash~>to strip hald-naked and belly dance!!~

~auctioned pairs, Nick & Elvin~>wear diapers n lipstick, respectively n walk to the "small" town just out of our campus...~

~another human to be auctioned, Mr James (yep, the 'Mr' is needed; he's a psycho lecturer, no really..a psychology lecturer..)~>guess what he drank that allowed him to grab 100 bucks in on 1 sweep??ok...fine, it was URINE!!!~

~good friend ere, terry a.k.a. weak stomach~>to drink a concoction made of the vegetable he despised ever since he what??knew the word "bitter-gourd"?ok, that with raw egg and 1 more thing i 4gotten..sry.....~

we had 1 more guy doing his 'tricks' but so happens i don't his pics, will update this blog when i get it..k guys?

so thats technically what was done across the 2 days event...the main STARS created during the auctioning period, others were a few ballads from CCS president, Veronica Wong and CF member, Robin..both were fabulous i should add...kaka

anyways, this brings me to the end of the final part of this topic.., we just have to let go our embaressing incident eh??? when i got back-fired by the people i auctioned out (guess you all would have noticed, what i did to them..i got it back ~> KARMA!!)??

~wtf??! again??~

...yea, right, i HAVE to.....honestly...

till the next post then,
bobbyhoo..signin.. .. .. .. ..

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