Monday, June 23, 2008

Crab Galore!

well, its obvious for me that the crab delicacy has been omitted from my table for quite sometime edi..but, ITS BACK!!

well, this time its again with my mum, bros n sis together with a good friend of my mum, Mdm Ho @ Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood in Bandar Puteri Puchong (oh, this is 1 of the branches of the famous Tak Fok in Kepong, ate there once during the CNY period this year..)

~the restaurant itself, with its promotion on crabs (no kid, but the queue before this was 3 times longer..pity i didnt take that..)~

so yea..we ordered 2 various dishes of crab; butter cheese crab and salted-egg crab..its like *THE* crab-style dishes to order there a.k.a. chef's recommendation la..

~Salted-Egg Crab; top-most bits are dried-cillies, crabs ENGULFED with crusted-fried salted egg...yyuuummmm!!~

~Butter Cheese Crab; butter+cheese melted sauce..lovely with the "fried" buns!~

~Mdm. Ho(left) with my mum, look at them..savoring whatever bits of the crab as they can..*sweat*~

other dishes we included were bean-sprouts (tauge lah!), fried water-beancurd, and yamcake..OH, i forgot..the lovely "fried" buns (names 'man-tao' if im not mistaken..)!!

~Fried Beancurd (right-side is the half-pic of the tauge, forgot to take that..)~

~Man-Tao (golden "fried" buns)!~

~YAMCAKE!!! OMG i tell you, if not for the crab ordered, i would have ordered at least a 3 times bigger version of this..BOBBYHOO LOVES YAMCAKES!!!~

goodness knows, but just uploading this pictures makes me regret not staying kinda nearby it..otherwise, anyways..that was my "crab galore" dinner after ages of not seeing crab dishes..

oh, did i add that all the above food/dishes only cost around RM80+??whether u guys find it cheap or not, for me..its kinda REAL cheap man!i mean, if we were to order normal 'tai-chao' outside with no seafood..its round 40-60+ edi??now im including 2 types of crabs PLUS the crave for and..simply LOVELY!!

PS: sorry if the pictures aint as clear as i want it to be, trust me i took it with a real steady hand, tis just that i was using my VGA camera

so for this "food" post,
bobbyhoo..signing.. .. .. .. ..


aLviN said...

hey bro, i spotted something!!! ur mum is wearing ur fuyoh's shirt?? muahahaha... i saw the fuyoh's big strong hand there!!! hahahah

bobby~hoo said...

hahaha...yea, true true..borrowed her..kakaka! not on duty, but so what??blekz!!

J@s0n said...

OMG....u are making me hungry wif this post...i would wanna have a try..wer issit exactly?

bobby~hoo said...

sure la..we go try 2gether..according to kelvin, he knws d precise location! kakaka!!

JenKin Yat said...

crab galore..when wanna go for hokkien mee galore? =P

bobby~hoo said...

u hold the trip..u hav me inside luu...kakaka!!

J@s0n said...

hokkien mee tak mau la...i want ketam!!!!

bobby~hoo said...

jason..i SOOO agree with u man!! hahaha..sry yat!