Wednesday, June 25, 2008

bobbyhoo's car..and the things that came along with it.....

well, i'm kinda bored now..trying to study for my coming paper tomorrow, which so happens to be a thursday if you wanted to know (data communication..SIEN!!) so i decided to post this few pictures "regarding" my car..kekeke

PS: my car's a Perodua Viva..for a picture of how it looks (courtesy to the Perodua's webpage!) everything in this picture is the same as my Viva (same specs i mean..), all except the colour; mines APPLE GREEN (cuter i guess..kakaka!)!!

~bobbyhoo..proud owner of THE perodua viva!~

well, going to show off my FERRARI's collection in bobbyhoo's car! *claps claps*

~this was back in *august 2007*; my first SIX!~

~i forgot bout this cute guy, given to me by a special friend in *december 2007*~

~TA-DAA!!at the end of *april 2008* NEW PRIDE of 14 FERRARIs on bobbyhoo's dashboard!!!~

well, LOL! arent they cool eh? kakaka..ok ok, i'm so bored now la..anywayz, here i have to move to something i ain't happy bout till somehow has to go back to "history" of the fuel price hike..aizz..

~back on the night of *4th june 2008*; the eve of when m'sian petrol sky-rocketed 40%!! (yea, i was 1 of those morons queue-ing 1 n 1/2 hrs for this..keke)~

~petrol at the pumps from that "veli special" day onwards...WTF!~

its what i call sadness..oh, if you were thinking that my car only fills up that much, NO! i just didnt bother to take the full amount of my FULL-TANK..cause heartache only..

on a little brighter may check out my friend, Yat, post on how to an "alternative way to counter the petrol price hike"..glad i read it dude, but its still not on pen-n-paper for those morons up-THERE!! guess i got to wait till then.....

oh well, looks like i've spent enough time blogging today..better grab my 'stupiak' data comm book now..wish me luck guys, if thats possible......just to show you something i took a long while ago..

~i sorta found this a little scary at first, but then..hey, i thought such a thing wont happen too many a times i guess! (oh, if you were wondering, my car is on the right..not the left(DUH!!)~

psst: before i leave, other than my car now..something to amuse every1..cause i really envy this car..well, this car's advantages i mean.....

~1 car, LESS than 1/3 a parking lot! car cant even achieve that.....~

bobbyhoo..signing.. .. .. .. ..


JenKin Yat said...

ahahaha..smartass car..can park in just like an

bobby~hoo said...

that car's kinda still arnd uni i guess..seen it a fair few times liao..i mean, wen i saw it, i was like..WTF?! LOL!!