Wednesday, June 18, 2008


this post's gonna be short..

im currently searchin the meaning of cute, YES..CUTE, in guys terms yea, ladies, when you call a guy cute, what makes them cute...and like DUH! is it a good thing to be called cute??

ok ok, i've been called cute a fair few times..and to those who know me well enough, i never really seem to like to be called cute..dont know why, but it has always been..up to and until now, a friend actually took TIME to explain the good side of "cute" to yea, anyone??

actually the past few days i have been so busy with assignments and studies, i havent really taken pictures of much stuff..hopefully i may post some up as soon as possible ok? sorry la guys..then till the next update la...

bobbyhoo..signing.. .. .. .. ..

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Anonymous said...

cute is all the forces of good combined.