Tuesday, June 17, 2008

From Night To Morn...[Stop-Motion]

well, i cant deny that i havent blogged much since the post of me embaressing myself in front of like what looked like a crowd of over a 100 people?? so yea...

across the weekend, i actually started chatting with this new friend of mine..someone i manage to meet again after i met her (yes guys, its a HER!) few weeks before at the the club promotion week which took place early this month. oh, did i mention she's in mass communication, majoring in video productions n filming (hope i got this whole name right..keke)......

well, ever since...i've been busy, OH SO very busy with chatting n chatting..i mean, hey..not like someone can get to know that person more just through msn msger..but also i manage to understand what seemed like "video production n filming" bobbyhoo has never seen or even heard before..by the way, 1 of the things/phrase/word i learned, and still remembered is "Stop Motion"..

here are a few youtube websites for you to check out what i mean..

  • Pancakes In Your Face

  • Happy Thankgiving

and this one is specially made by this friend of mine (trying to promote it..kakaka!), together with few close partners..dont think this is called stop-motion la, but its kinda cute.....

  • Gingerbread Man Escapes

well, there are like SO much more on youtube..go on and play around and trust me, you'll be amazed!

anywayz, this post is just bout all the "amazing" things i did across the whole weekends, chat till like what? 3am? or was it 4am? and did i tell you that we started from 9++ or 10pm? (NO GUYS, no other feelings OK??!!! ~~~ right, still you all wont believe me....)

so yea...maybe i'll update more on what i learn on this 'special' mass comm. part in my life now? cause im starting to like this field more n more...AND iml ike what? a MAJORING mechatronic engineering student?? and YES, you saw the last few photos, im like the uni's 2nd emcee..i mean, what relevance does it have with my field??! anyone...advice?? bobbyhoo's stuck............

bobbyhoo..signing.. .. .. .. ..

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Anonymous said...

hello, the gingerbread man thing was made completely by me okay... sheesh.